Top model Petra Nemcova urges the world to come experience the magic of Haiti

Published on by Joe Colas (author)

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (HCNN)-- World-renowned supermodel, Petra Nemcova, who revealed her love and passion for Haiti, said on Tuesday the Caribbean nation was making progress on several fronts despite tough challenges and called on people from the rest of the world to come experience the magic she feels every time she comes to Haiti.

Petra Nemcova, a native of the Czech Republic, said progress has been made in Haiti even though so much remains to be done. She called on people around the world to support Haiti's efforts to get people out of poverty and to provide education to the youth.

"Every time I come to Haiti I see progress. They are building roads, schools, they are building new hotels and they have the industrial park in the north creating jobs," Nemcova told HCNN in an exclusive interview.

"Haiti has a lot of poverty but it has a lot of richness too in its culture, in its nature, in its artistic abilities and its craft and Haiti has so much to offer," Nemcova said.

The top model and philanthropist, who visited the country for the first time in2007, reminded that at that time people could not enter the slum of Cite Soleil that was controlled by gangs and that was facing many more problems.

"But 2 days ago, I was in Cite Soleil where my foundation, Happy Hearts, has built a kindergarten and primary school," Nemcova told HCNN.

" When driving through Cite Soleil, you can see schools been rebuilt, homes been painted with blue frames, you see goats, pigs, a lot of livestock," she said. "And of course they are still facing many problems but I think there is hope " she explained.

Nemcova, who was named in 2012 Haiti's goodwill ambassador by President Martelly, has made various visits to the Caribbean country she says she loves so much.

"I feel very blessed to have come to Haiti, I love Haitians, I love Haiti and it has given me a lot of joy," revealed Nemcova, saying that there is something very special about Haiti.

"As soon as I land, I feel happier and I am more energized and I wish to share that with the rest of the world because it is magical," she told HCNN. "Do come and experience Haiti's magic and you won't regret it," said Nemcova, addressing potential visitors around the world.

Nemcova's foundation, Happy Hearts, has already built and rebuilt 70 schools and kindergartens in 6 countries around the world and the foundation's programs have benefited more than 40,700 children and about 337, 500 community members.

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