Top model Petra Nemcova tours untouched Haiti island of Ile-A-Vache

Published on by Joseph Guyler Delva (author)

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Petra Nemcova with children (photo: Phil Holsinger)
Petra Nemcova with children

World renowned top model Petra Nemcova toured over the weekend the island of Ile-A-Vache in the southern region of Haiti, where the Caribbean country's government is developing an ambitious tourism project which will cost several hundred million dollars.

Nemcova, who called the island's beauty extraordinary, urged investors to come and invest in Ile-A-Vache, deemed one of the next top tourist destinations in Haiti and the Caribbean.

"I am thrilled to see the extraordinary beauty that exists on this island and I invite all those who want to discover such beauty to come see for themselves," Nemcova told HCNN.

 "I love the environment, I love the people who are very friendly and I adore the children who seem very smart," said Nemcova who posed with several children living on the island.

The famous model from the Czech Republic, who accompanied Lamothe, visited several construction sites and other projects already implemented on the island. Nemcova is also goodwill ambassador for Haiti and recently revealed her love story with Prime minister Lamothe.

However Nemcova’s Happy Hearts foundation has been involved in Haiti since 2007 when she traveled to the country for the first time. Happy Hearts Foundation has set up several programs to help underprivileged children in Haiti. 

Several well-known international investment companies and foreign government partnering entities, such as Venezuela, planned to invest in Ile-A-Vache.

A lawmaker, Jean Fenel Tanis, representing Ile-A-Vache in Parliament, said over a week ago that he was contacted by an agent working for famous British soccer player, David Beckham, who expressed the British star's interest to acquire a piece of land to invest on the island.  

Tanis reiterated on Monday his statement about the exchange he had with a Beckham agent about the former soccer star's interest to invest on the Ile-A-Vache island.

However, telephone calls by HCNN to try to reach Beckham's team for confirmation and additional information about his intent, have not yet succeeded.

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