Soccer star David Beckham practices with Little Haiti football club in Miami

Published on by Joseph Guyler Delva (author)

David Beckham (photo: )
David Beckham

MIAMI, FL., USA (HCNN) --  The World renowned British soccer star, David Beckham, paid this weekend an unexpected visit to the Little Haiti Football Club, in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood where Haitian kids play soccer and dream to become professional players in the US Major League Soccer (MLS).

Beckham, accompanied with several of his aides, surprised the Haitian kids, part of the Little Haiti Football Club, who were practicing.

The practice session automatically stopped and many of the Haitian soccer players were astonished when they realized that David Beckham has really stepped on their field, in Little Haiti, to play with them on Friday.

"It is like a dream come true, it's unbelievable. I could not believe David Beckham was really on the field with me," said one of the Haitian young soccer players.

David Beckham said he was pleased to visit the Haitian kids as he plans to establish a new soccer team in Miami Florida, the Miami Beckham United, while he campaigns to have the support of the community to build a 20,000 to 25,000-seat soccer stadium for his franchise, in the downtown area.

"A few of them actually said they were looking forward to the stadium and looking forward to the stadium being downtown," Beckham said. "I am not just saying that, that’s what they said. It's exciting for them," stated Beckham.

The former British international star soccer player explained that, "People and supporters get excited when there is homegrown talent that comes through and goes to professional sports."

Beckham and several other partners committed to make Miami the home for one of the country's most popular soccer teams. Many Haitian young soccer players, in Miami and in Haiti, hope one day to be recruited to play in Beckham's professional team.

A great majority of Haitians now focus on the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) World Cup, which is taking place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, this year. Even though Haiti is not part of the 32 sides that will compete in Brazil, Haitians have shown great passion for the event.

Most Haitians usually show the strongest support for Brazil's national team, secondly Argentina, followed by Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Because of the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, FIFA’s World’s Best Player of the Year, Portugal could also be one among Haitians' favorites in the World Cup Championship.

However, in some way Haitians consider that Haiti will be part of the World Cup, not for competing on the soccer field, but on the World Cup official podium where Haitian world renowned hip hop star, Wyclef Jean, along with Carlos Santana and others, will perform the official anthem of the World cup, "Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)".

Wyclef Jean -- who already performed in a FIFA world cup final in 2006 in Germany, along with Shakira’s “Hips don't Lie” -- will hit the podium once again for the World Cup closing ceremony.

Many Haitians feel proud about Wyclef Jean who is considered the most popular Haitian in the world and the most instantly recognizable Haitian of all time around the world, because of his success as a musician.     


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