Haiti and Dom. Rep. to pass extradition treaty to fight criminality

Published on by Joe Colas (author)

JUAN-DOLIO, Dom. Rep. (HCNN) -- Haiti and the Dominican Republic have engaged in talks as to the need for both governments to sign an extradition treaty to allow relevant authorities to arrest and prosecute criminals from both sides of the border, who would take refuge in either one of the Caribbean countries sharing the Hispaniola island.

 During bilateral talks on Thursday in the Juan-Dolio district in the Dominican Republic, the delegations from both countries agreed on the need to pass a extradition treaty to fight criminality and to prosecute bandits who would flee to one or the other territory.

 "The parties discussed about an issue in which collaboration will be very important," representatives of both delegations said in a communiqué.

 "The need to have an extradition treaty to  facilitate the prosecution of national fugitives taking refuge on the territory of one or the other country," reads the communiqué.

The Haitian delegation was headed by Prime minister Laurent Lamothe, while the Dominican  delegation was led by the Presidency minister, Gustavo Montalvo. 

Criminals often cross the border to flee justice from their country. They often try to change their identity once on the other side to avoid being caught.

 Prime minister Laurent Lamothe and Haiti's police Chief, Godson Orelus, announced recently a significant drop in criminal activities in the country.

 The number of cases of kidnapping decreased by 88% in the first 6 months of 2014, compared to the same period last year, according to Laurent Lamothe.








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