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July 18 is Nelson Mandela International Day. The Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN) urges all its readers around the world to do something exceptionally positive TODAY, tomorrow, and through the years to come, because TODAY is every day. So let's see if everyday can be, for each and every one of us, Mandela Day; then the world will sure be a much better place for us and generations to come. As we all celebrate and honor the memorable life of a man who gave a real and accessible sense to the word Sacrifice, I wish to share with you, this poem I wrote on December 12, 2013, to salute Madiba's journey to eternity.


The world's flag at half-mast in the wind flaps in rage

As the birds sing your name and parade in homage

To your journey's greatness and the sublimity
Of your unique spirit, worthy of deity
And bereaved as I look at your quiescent flesh
I salute your tireless soul starting afresh
Touring the unjust world and upholding freedom
Of which your once torn land has become a kingdom

You blow your serene breath over Robben Island

To wipe out the sand-dust blown from the tanned benchland
The echo of your voice they once called subversive,
Now with humanity, proved to be cohesive

From cruel apartheid rule in deep South-Africa

Your righteous hand has penned a true Magna Carta
Easing the once prickly walk to basic freedom
As nature bows to your courage, grace and wisdom

Immured in your casket as you were in prison

Where the cause for your pain did not stand to reason
You can hear the world's cry and the loud gloomy knell
Like the din that you used to hear from your jail cell

Mandela! Madiba! The angels call your name

Written in pure gold in the human hall of fame
I can't use the secret tricks of necromancy
But help us foil the next racial conspiracy


Joseph Guyler C. Delva


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