Hymn to Gary Augustin

Published on by Joseph Guyler Delva (author)

The spectrum of the grimacing lightning in freefall 

Thrill your frail soul which has given up the fiber 

Rounding the cycle, misunderstood by earthlings, 

Of your life wandering the Sahara desert 


Your freed mind sailing in the clouds 

Dissolves in the too violent echo of the storms 

Blurring the silence, the secret of the destiny 

Of your eternal being, O, August Augustin! 


Your breath, which is extinguished at the threshold of your wisdom

Deprived you of the silence unique to the old age 

But the sleeping fire of your muted speech 

Will thwart the conspiracy that time has plotted


And grief of the day covers us with your shadow 

But the star, chasing the dark, sheds its light 

As it gradually settles the clarity

Of your legacy and the fire of your oath


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