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Top model Petra Nemcova urges the world to come experience the magic of Haiti

Published on by Joe Colas (author)

World-renowned supermodel, Petra Nemcova, who revealed her love and passion for Haiti, said on Tuesday the Caribbean nation was making progress on several fronts despite tough challenges and called on people from the rest of the world to come experience the magic she feels every time she comes to Haiti.

International athletes take to Haiti’s skies and mountains for adventure sports

Published on by Rachel Belt (author)

Participants in a Mountain Bike race in Haiti greeted by admirers

Published on by Rachel Belt (author)

Tandem mountain bikers (photo: )

Tandem mountain bikers

Haitian admirers warmly greet mountain bike racers in Haiti, with athletes coming from several countries. Despite the various mountains that Haiti has, Haitians don't really practice this sport. Many believe the initiative of Mountain Bike Haiti will get more young Haitians to show interest for the sport.

Paragliders with Free Flight Haiti take to the skies

Published on by Rachel Belt (author)

 International paragliders are taking the amazing adventure sport to Haiti's skies and mountains. More Haitians are getting to know about this sport, thanks to these praiseworthy initiatives that show that international athletes and tourists may come to Haiti to enjoy themselves in a secure environment.

Haiti banks on tourism to fight poverty

Published on by Rachel Belt (author)

Wahoo Bay resort shorline (photo: )

Wahoo Bay resort shorline

The Haitian government banks on tourism to promote job creation and infrastructure development to reduce poverty in Haiti that is still struggling to recover from a devastating Earthquake that hit the impoverished Caribbean country three years ago.