At UN, Martelly outlines progress in Health

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NEW YORK USA (HCNN) - Haitian President Michel Martelly has put a lot of emphasis on the significant progress made in Haiti in the field of public health, particularly in terms of maternal mortality, the fight against AIDS, and health infrastructure that is in full expansion in the Caribbean country.

 Joseph Michel Martelly, speaking at the 69th General Assembly of the UN, noted that malaria and vector-borne diseases were also the subject of attention of his administration in order to reduce their impact.

 "We have stepped up efforts to reduce the incidence of diseases such as AIDS, malaria and vector-borne diseases," said President Martelly.

 "The significant increase in health centers across the country has improved access to care and reduced maternal and infant mortality. Maternal mortality fell from 350 per 100,000 live births to 157 per 100,000," he said.

 The Haitian leader also mentioned  the establishment of multiple structures of health services across the country.

 "Through our Ministry of Health, we were able to build or rehabilitate more than 200 health facilities," said Martelly.

 "And in order to strengthen governance in health, we are committed to the ongoing training of our medical professionals so they can provide care and better services," he said.

 Haiti's First Lady, Sophia Martelly, has also been very involved with promoting access to better health care in the country, especially for women and vulnerable children.


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