For Haiti PM prestigious award is source for even more motivation

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at Bravo Awards (photo: Pierre Cote)
Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at Bravo Awards

MIAMI, USA (HCNN) -- Haitian Prime minister, Laurent Lamothe, received over the weekend the Innovative Leader of the Year Award from the Latin Trade Group, in the framework of the 20th anniversary of the Bravo Business Awards in Miami where several other remarkable personalities have been awarded for their outstanding achievements in their respective spheres of activity.

Lamothe said all honest and responsible citizens have a moral obligation to contribute to the wellbeing and to defend the interests of their community and their country.

"But as a leader the responsibility is even greater and more challenging and can also be exalting, particularly when you are convinced that you have done all in your power to deliver the positive change that is expected from you, and that such change in underway," Lamothe told the Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN) in a weekend interview.

"And Knowing that, today, a prestigious institution like Latin Trade recognizes our input and leadership in efforts to creating a better business environment, attracting investments, improving living conditions and fighting poverty in Haiti, is very rewarding," Lamothe told HCNN.

Lamothe is featured on the Bravo magazine, a Latin Trade group publication, as Leader of the Year for Latin America and the Caribbean.

"And this award is for me a significant source for even more motivation," he said, following the official ceremony on Friday, November 7, when the very coveted award was handed to him.

Lamothe dedicated the award to the Haitian people and thanked Haitian president Michel Martelly for his unwavering support.

"I thank President Martelly for giving me the opportunity to serve by his side, with the common vision and commitment to lay the necessary foundation that will ensure that our country definitely turns the corner and moves further on the path of progress, economic and social development and the establishment of the rule of law," Lamothe said.

The prestigious innovative Leader of the Year Award was attributed to Lamothe for his efforts to set up of a framework and a series of innovative measures which have positioned Haiti as a more business-friendly place to invest.

The measures taken by Lamothe are part of the wider "Haiti Is Open For Business" approach set forth by Haitian president Michel Martelly and smartly implemented by Prime minister Lamothe, who, with his successful business background, had already initiated, when he was Foreign Affairs minister, the notion of "business diplomacy" as a core operational pillar for Haitian embassies around the world .

The Haitian government's Business Diplomacy strategy consisted of using Haitian diplomats and other embassy staff to actively seek foreign direct investments for Haiti and promote the Caribbean country's exportable offer with potential markets around the globe.

A series of initiatives to provide incentives, such as tax exemptions and other specific government accompaniment, to facilitate new investments and the establishment of new enterprises in the country which has already seen a number of encouraging results in that regard.

Lamothe explained that despite the many challenges still facing the country, a lot of progress has been made in several vital areas, as he promised to pursue efforts to create an innovative and adequate legal and administrative framework to attract foreign investments, create sustainable jobs, fight poverty and generate growth in Haiti.

"We believe that if you want to create growth, jobs and fight poverty, you need to set up proper transparency and anti-corruption policies, offer incentives to potential investors and create an environment which attracts local and foreign direct investments into the promising and growth-oriented sectors of the economy," Lamothe underlined. "And this what we are trying to do".  

Lamothe said President Martelly and himself found a quake-devastated country when they came into office, "but today the progress is obvious with 95% of the 1.5 million displaced people relocated from tent camps to safe pre-approved homes, with work done in areas such as infrastructure, education, macroeconomic management, the rule of law, agriculture, Tourism, investments and social empowerment of the most vulnerable, etc."

"But  we won't slow down. We continue to work relentlessly to improve the living conditions of the Haitian people," assured Lamothe who described the Haitian people as one of the most courageous and resilient peoples on earth.

"I humbly receive the award on behalf of the courageous Haitian people and all our friends in Haiti and abroad who are supporting our efforts to bring about positive and lasting change to Haiti," Lamothe told HCNN.    



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