Gabriel, The Mad Genius

Published on by Joseph Guyler C. Delva (author)

I visit and stay in the homes of knowledge
To better understand the challenges of duty
To think, to scrutinize, to build memory
To unravel the mysterious secrets of the evil book

I have no regrets and don't give a damn about the world
The sky welcomes my wandering soul
And as the fog covers my hearse
All deaf become the cries of the brawlers

And in my warm throat where my breath rushes
My silent voice, fleeing my being on the brink,
Betrays my Igneous dream to transcend time
As the memory of a grog from a quack

Yes, it's me Jean Marie or Angel Gabriel
A confidant of God, managing his holly mail
In the hollow of life where I roll my hump
The idiot, getting it wrong, takes me for a coach

Who do you think you are? Yv'nert, go to hell!
And you, Tom, Remarais, you're so pathetic!
Caleb pretends to be a censor, claims to be a boss
Guyler, but frankly, you are more than useless!

I am the most famous and I go my own way
I am the clown that nothing disguises
I remain the true Jean Marie Gabriel
When I sing Aznavour, Sardou or Jacques Brel

You denounce the mad man and fall in love with the genius,
Both crashing into me, I, who am noble with infamy
My word is gold and my mouth talks art
Which the jealous villain wants to scrap
On my morning show, my voice thrills or gets on your nerves
Of course, I will not change, but forgive my diatribes
They describe me as good, bad, great or vagabond
Nonetheless, I deeply regret to have let you down


Joseph Guyler C. Delva
November 13, 2014

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