Haitians abroad worried about "zero sum game of politics" hurting homeland

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December 6, 2014

The Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN)

The Editor,

We represent a large group of Haitian citizens who live abroad and who have watched silently the sad developments that we see unfold in our homeland.  Many of us left our country in the context of political turmoil and as a result of the missteps of our leaders over the years. 

Although we are far from Haiti in distance, we are all still deeply engaged in our country.  Not only do we visit regularly, our parents, children, relatives, and friends still live there and daily we hear from them about the situation our country faces.  They tell us, and we also know, that during the past four years Haiti has experienced a dramatic recovery from the earthquake, that economic growth has been restored, and that new infrastructure and social programs have helped a great portion of our population.  We have reveled in these accomplishments with pride when they are shared in the international media.

We are aware of the great amount of work that still needs to be completed.  At the same time, we are most aware that if our leadership does not come together to address the problems that affect us all, Haiti will again fall into the pattern of the past and become a worrisome item on the international agenda.  

As Haitians we know that international good will and assistance has been an important part of our recovery from the earthquake, but we cannot, and should not, again ask the international community to step in to resolve even our most political disputes.  For this reason, we believe that it is time for our political leaders to display the political maturity necessary to help our country move forward. 

In that direction, we are hopeful that our current leaders both in the government and in the opposition can set aside their differences and come together in the best interests of our country and the long suffering people of Haiti.

We are writing to you today in the hopes that our letter will lead some of our leaders to rethink the intransigent positions that they have held, to set aside the end of year holidays to contemplate the type of Haiti all Haitians want to construct, and to put forth workable alternatives to the pattern of confrontation that has characterized the political debate of late.

We also hope that through this letter we can contribute a few ideas that may lead our leaders to come together so that our country can finally leave behind the zero sum game of politics in which a few win and Haiti loses. 

Along these lines we urge Haiti’s leaders to:

1)   We call on the government and all parties in the opposition to immediately   follow through on all agreements reached through conversation and dialogue.  We urge our leaders to establish a viable and constitutional mechanism for achieving a peaceful and consensual solution to the problems that separate them.  In particular, we compel them to set aside their differences and together design a workable, efficient and transparent electoral process. 

2)   We also urge the government and the opposition to engage all sectors of society including civil society organizations, the business community, and religious organization in a direct dialogue that can lead to the construction of a viable outcome that will contribute to the consolidation of our young democracy.

We hope that our letter serves as a call to action not only to those of who live abroad but especially to our compatriots back home.  We all seek to build modern, stable, and above all a democratic Haiti so let’s take this opportunity to make sure that the politics of old does not surface again to destroy our future. 


Concerned Citizens of Haiti Living Abroad


1.Daniel Faustin  

Miami, Florida


2. Bernard Miot, M.D.

 Plantation, Florida


3. Dr Rudolph Moise

Miami, Florida


4. Dr. F. Lucie Casthely

 Miami, Florida


5. Dr. Franklin Casthely

Miami, Florida


6. Cholet Kelly Josue, MD

 Towson, Maryland 


7.  Carmel BARRAU M.D.,FACP

Miami, Florida


8. Tamara Philippeaux

Miami, Florida


9.  May Parisien MD 

 New York City,  New York


10. Serge Parisien MD

New York City, New York


11.  Dr. Smith Joseph

Mayor - City of North Miami, Florida


12. Jean Phillipe Austin

Miami, Florida


13.  R. Richard Boncy

 Madrid, Spain


14.   Josepha Celestin

Former Mayor North Miami

Miami, Florida


15. Hon. Ronald A. Brisé

Commissioner Public Utilities

Tallahassee, Florida


16. Judith P. Joseph,

Boca Raton, Florida


18.  Patrick Joseph

 Boca Raton, Florida


17.  Dumas M. Siméus  

Mansfield, Texas


18.  Noah Seguin Foundation USA


19. Dr. Joseph E. Baptiste

Col. USA ret.

Commissioner GCCA

Chair NOAH

President HDF


20.  Henry R. Paul, MD

Brooklyn, NY 11203


21. Daniel Fils-Aime, Chairman HAHS

North Miami, Florida


22. Alexandra Barbot, Co- Founder, CEO HHMA

North Miami, Florida


23.  Laurent Pierre Phillip,  MD

Ellicott City, Maryland


24.  Leslie Kernisant,

Brooklyn, NY


25.  Angelo Viard

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


26.    Delette Legrand Matheus

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


27. Jean Marc Villain

Miami, Florida


28.  Firmin Backer

Washington, DC


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