Opening of new Marriott Hotel is fuel for Haiti tourism industry

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (HCNN)-- The opening of a Marriott hotel in Haiti will have a positive impact on the image and the tourism industry in the Caribbean country that banks on tourism to help create jobs and fight poverty, officials say.

The international standard hotel, located in the upper downtown area of the capital Port-au-Prince, has 11 floors with 175 rooms and has cost some $45 million, invested for the most part by the Digicel-Group, owned by Denis O'Brien.

"We are proud to have the opportunity to invest in Haiti which is a great place for entrepreneurs to invest and do business," Denis O'Brien told the Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN) on Tuesday, on the sideline of the inaugural ceremony of the opening of the Haiti Marriott hotel 's operations.

"Haiti is open for business and we urge foreign investors to come here to seize the opportunities Haiti has to offer," said O'Brien. 

The hotel, whose construction had mobilized over 1,000 Haitian workers, will employ more than 200 people and is likely to fuel the tourism industry in Haiti which continues an aggressive promotion campaign for the destination abroad.

The building of tourism infrastructure and the evident improvement of Haiti’s tourism, through the different sites, products and packages, are also important assets for the sector.

The inaugural ceremony took place in the presence of the country's leader, Michel Martelly, Haitian Prime minister Evans Paul, former US president Bill Clinton, former Haitian Prime minister Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Tourism Stephanie Villedrouin, Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr. among other personalities.

"Haiti is a privileged location for international tourism. The Haiti destination has been neglected during the past decades, but it is regaining its position slowly but surely," said President Martelly.

"The efforts that have been made by our administration for the past four years are beginning to bear fruit," said Martelly.

Bill Clinton, said how grateful he is to have had the opportunity to help Haiti.

 “The opening of the Marriott Port-au-Prince is an important milestone as the people of Haiti work to revitalize and diversify their economy,” said President Bill Clinton.

 "I am grateful to Marriott and Digicel for their commitment to this project, and hope that its success will inspire further investment and opportunity in Haiti,” he added.  

President Martelly saluted the significant contribution of President Clinton in the materialization of the project. Martelly also saluted the Tourism Minister's  handling of the project and the input of former Prime minister Laurent Lamothe.

Marriott will join other international hotel brands which have opened in Haiti the last few years including, Occidental, Best Western and El Rancho.


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