A Haitian handyman builds his own car out of iron debris

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MIRAGOANE, Haiti (HCNN)-- A broke and jobless Haitian man in the Southern town of Miragoane had a lifelong dream of owing a car he could never afford to buy, so he decided that he would materialize his dream by building his own car from scratch, as he and his work proved to become the town's biggest attraction and curiosity.

Kosto Cadet used the engine of a 125cc motorcycle to power his car and put a full one year to finish building it because he did not have the means to acquire the material he needed to complete the endeavor. but he said he could make one in about two months if he had the means and the material.

"I used a 125cc motorcycle engine to power it because that's what I could get, but I could also use a 250cc," Cadet, 28, told HCNN on Saturday. "And it took me one year to build the car because I often had to wait until I could randomly find a one-day or two-day job to get some money to buy some stuff that I needed," he explained.

Cadet is unemployed but he sometimes makes some small cash by doing portraits or by painting a house in the neighborhood. So once in a while he could find some money to invest in the project.

"I've always loved cars. One day I dreamed that I had a car just like the one I have today. so I decided that I would build myself one," he said.

"People thought I was crazy. They did not believe I could do that all by myself," Cadet told HCNN. "I started to collect iron debris that I could get in the neighborhood and used some material from demolished vehicles to build my car," he said.

Kosto Cadet is a very gifted handyman but the provincial town where he lives does not provide much opportunity for him to further develop his skills and do more.

"Nobody taught me how to do it. I developed my mind myself to figure out how to build it," Cadet explained. "I become famous now and that helps a lot. Everybody likes the car," he said with satisfaction and a smile on his face.

He hopes for assistance from people who appreciate his work to improve and expand the experience he is so passionate about.

"I can do so much more if I find assistance," stated Cadet who wished that he could meet one day with Haitian president Michel Martelly or Prime Minister Evans Paul with the hope of getting help from the Haitian government.

"I hope that day will come one day," Kosto Cadet said.

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