Matthew Kills 1,332 In Haiti, Cholera Spreading In New Outbreak

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (HCNN) --The death toll continues to rise in Haiti as hardest-hit districts become accessible in the South and Southwest regions of the Caribbean country devastated by category 4 hurricane Matthew that left more than 1,300 people killed and dozens more wounded.

Mayors and representatives of the central government in the affected areas revealed over the past few days  figures that amount to 1,332 people killed as a result of Matthew blowing gusts of winds over the southern regions, where heavy rains poured down and lashed towns and villages.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed or severely damaged, trees have fallen down, crops have been washed out and the cholera epidemic has known a new outbreak killing at least 160 people and sickening nearly 300 hundred since the passage of Matthew, according to local officials.

The official death toll issued on Tuesday by the civil protection office, based in the capital Port-au-Prince, was 372 deaths throughout the country, while the central government highest-ranking executive authority in The Grande-Anse (Southwest) region, Kedner Frenel, told HCNN that at least 522 people were killed in his area alone.

 The 1,332 death toll come from reports obtained from mayors and top representatives of the government working on field and supervising body recovery and relief operations in the remote towns and villages struck by Matthew.

Each mayor (who is an elected official) is the chairman of the civil protection committee overseeing preparations and relief operations in his district, following a natural disaster such as a hurricane.

The Haitian government, donor countries and the major international humanitarian institutions have been busy gradually delivering aid to the populations in ravaged areas.

 Given the significant difference between the figures issued by the civil protection office and published here by HCNN, our readers are invited to take a look at the document below that tells with exactitude where the 1,332 death toll came from.  

  Matthew-Haiti / Sources for the 1,332 death toll



Grande-Anse 522 deaths. Source central government Highest-ranking executive authority in the region, Kedner Frenel ( known as department Delegate)



South region 686 deaths for 16 0f the 18 districts

1) Les Anglais, 142 deaths. Source Mayor Jean Claude Despierre

2) Roche-a-Bateau, 24 deaths. Source Mayor Fritznel Chery

3) Port-a-Piment, 20 deaths. Source Mayor Jean Raymond Pierre-Louis

4) Chantal, 90 deaths. Source Deputy Mayor Marc Soniel Noel

5) Torbeck, 26 deaths. Source Mayor Guidile Joseph

6) Coteaux, 22 deaths. Source Mayor Pierre Maurice Celestin

7) Port-Salut, 30 deaths. Source Deputy Mayor Staco Gregoire

8) Cavaillon, 22 deaths. Source Mayor Ernst Ais

9) Saint-Jean du Sud, 8 deaths. Source Mayor Joseph Estime Dupont

10) Aquin, 3 deaths. Source Mayor Sauvilorme Mathurin

11) Arniquet, 5 deaths. Source Mayor Yves Marie Maurice Chateau

12) Cayes, 3 deaths. Source Mayor Jean Gabriel Fortune

13) Ile-a-Vache, 0 death. Source Mayor Jean Yves Amazan

14) Saint-Louis du Sud, 0 death. Source Mayor Luc Edwine Ceide

15) Maniche, 6 deaths. Source Deputy Mayor Jean Bernard Alexis

16) Chardonnieres 285 deaths (including 160 by cholera). Source Mayor Claude Memeus

Most of the people killed by cholera were counted in the small locality of Randel, which is part of the district of Chardonnieres, on the South coast

That is a total of 686 deaths for the South region which is composed of 18 districts. figures for the 2 remaining districts of the south region (Tiburon,  and Camp-Perrin), if any, are not included in the total above.



Nippes Region that counts 11 districts, 61 deaths

1) Anse-a-Veau, 5 deaths. Source Mayor Jean Marie Fouche

2) Arnaud, 0 death. Source Mayor Arthur Jean-Louis

3) Baraderes, 38 deaths. Source Mayor Josely Jean

4) Fonds-des-Negres, 2 deaths. Source Mayor Gadnor Augustin

5) Paillant, 1 death. Source Mayor Jude Brice

6) L'Asile, 0 death. Source Deputy Mayor Martinor Gerardin

7) Petite Riviere de Nippes, 1 death. Source Mayor Cereste Cadet

8) Petit Trou de Nippes, 6 deaths. Source Mayor Wilnor

9) Plaisance, 5 deaths. Source Mayor Emmanuel Odney

10) Grand Boucan, 2 deaths. Source Deputy Mayor Clelie Delvoit

11) Miragoane, 1 death. Source Deputy Mayor Sony Toussaint Pierre

That is 61 deaths for all 11 districts of the Nippes region



Several moderately hit regions (West, Artibonite, South-East, North-West) 63 deaths

West 51 deaths. Source Nadia Lochard, Coordinator for the Civil protection office for the West region.

Artibonite region 5 deaths. Source Central government representative (Delegate) Paul Andre Garconnet

South-east, 6 deaths. Source Central government representative (Delegate) Alex Michel Leroy

Northwest, 1 death. Source central government representative (Delegate) Linot Cayard

That's 63 deaths for West, South-East, Artibonite and North-west


That is a total of 1,332 people found dead so far, according elected officials and highest-ranking government-appointed functionaries in the regions. Local officials expect death toll to further rise as reports from other districts are still to be counted.





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