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Haiti drafts law to protect whistleblowers, sets up anti-corruption hotline

Published on by Joe Colas (author)

"We want to make it easy for employees and other individuals... to denounce[acts of corruption]"

Haiti majority legislative group supports US Ambassador facing harsh criticism

Published on by Joe Colas (author)

Some opposition lawmakers had criticized the US ambassador for being too friendly with Haiti's administration

Haiti raises import tariffs to protect national production

Published on by Rachel Belt (author)

Imported corn, beans, rum, wheat flour and pasta products will all see increased taxation

Dozens indicted, jailed in Haiti corruption crackdown

Published on by Joe Colas (author)

Some of them have allegedly misappropriated funds destined to support a tuition-free education program

2 suspects arrested in Haiti attack against Red Cross Chief and gay partner

Published on by Joe Colas (author)

Police said attacked the house hosting an engagement ceremony with 'molotov cocktails'