Muhammad Ali, still king

Published on by Joseph Guyler Delva (author)

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Muhammad Ali, Still the king

The Greatest

I speak the untold myth of my challenged legend

I do gauge my greatness and pride from end to end

Float like a butterfly, see! I sting like a bee

And from mental slavery I am for ever free


The secret of my art,  the sharpness of my craft

Are beyond the sense of those behind the forced draft

My sound conscience is up against the Vietnam war

And that bold stand makes me a more popular star


I trash talk my foes that I beat like puffed up drums

I fire thunder punches like loud bursts of dumdums

'Rumble in the jungle', I dub you the mummy

Your dragging feet won't help you to catch or hit me


Get my name right before you step into the ring

Where, I, Ali, remain the undisputed king

Or your face will receive the harshest punishment

As a consequence of  your lack of sound judgment


Joseph Guyler c. Delva



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