Walmart Announces New Renewable Energy Plan


Walmart is joining the fight against carbon-based fuels by announcing its green energy option two suppliers. The Worldwide convenience and supplies store were greatly affected when hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in 2005. Walmart’s efforts were focused on providing indoor supplies to customers and employees but recently had to […]

Russia Adopting Satellite Strategies in LEO


The Russian Space scene might change following a clash among significant parties in the space scene over a virtual meeting. The meeting was a status briefing over coronavirus’s effect on Russian space efforts and proposed industry plans. According to Oleg Dukhovnitskiy, the Head of Russia’s Federal Communications Agency, satellite systems […]

Zero-Error Systems’ Plans for Space Exploration Improvements


According to recent reports, a Singapore based emerging company called Zero-Error Systems (ZES) received $1.85 million in funding towards developing integrated radiation-hardened circuits. The funding comes from other Singapore-based organizations like Airbus Ventures, Seed Capital, Silicon Solution Ventures and Nanyang Technical University Strategic Research Innovation Fund.  The start-up plans to […]

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