LA is taking a public opinion on how it can reach 100% renewable energy by the end of this decade


Los Angeles’ Department of Water and Power is open to any idea that might facilitate the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030. The department conducts research called LA100 to gather ideas and strategies on how the city can achieve this mega target. This move is a proposition brought up by Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council. Initially, the state painted the achievement of 100% renewable energy in the next 14 years.

However, changing times have forced the state to push the deadline to 2030 and charge all that it has towards this noble course.  The head of the research, Joan Isaacson, articulated in the first meeting that the research will evaluate the crucial investment plans and changes that can be implemented to realize a 100% switch to this clean energy. Additionally, the research is studying the results of greenhouse gas generation, costs, air quality, jobs, and other needs that need to be addressed in the transition to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy by the residents.

Isaacson revealed that the research is nearing its end, after which the report will be submitted to the lawmakers to pursue the plausible recommendations to meet the primary targets. She explained that electricity is a crucial resource in the daily activities of the Los Angeles residents. This reason is why they seek public opinion to understand how they can mitigate the problems that come with the utilization of fossil fuels. The communities will outline how they hope to see the renewable energy transition happening in this state. Partners in this quest include technical experts, the private sector, local learning institutions, the government, and industrial customers. All the stakeholders affected by the projected transition are analyzing the appropriate methods of switching to electric systems that are clean.

The research was proposed about five years ago, and it is finally concluding. Mike Bonin of the City Council stated that Los Angeles could act as an example that other states and cities can follow to minimize greenhouse gas production and rejuvenate the economies that have been affected by the pandemic. The passed regulations concerning renewable energy will hasten the switch to clean energy and outline the standards that other cities can copy and effectively realize their climate change plans. Moreover, the research has outlined the impediments that they might face along the way and how to overcome them to propel Los Angeles to clean energy.

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