Walmart Announces New Renewable Energy Plan


Walmart is joining the fight against carbon-based fuels by announcing its green energy option two suppliers. The Worldwide convenience and supplies store were greatly affected when hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in 2005. Walmart’s efforts were focused on providing indoor supplies to customers and employees but recently had to change to encompass suppliers into the supply chain.

The company then decided to dedicate its efforts to ensuring it reduces its carbon footprint significantly. According to the company’s CEO, Doug McMillon, the company found that its practices had a significant effect on the environment and that it was time to change how it ran things. The company line started its strategy to realize 100% renewable dependency. The strategy also includes adopting a completely zero-waste structure to reshape its supply chains to seduce carbon emissions from transportation. The resolution was laid down as the new strategy to adopt and started in early 2006.

 Fourteen years later, the company is on the verge of becoming a regenerative company.  Recent announcements from the company show new plans to become a Zero-emission strategy.  This announcement at Walmart plans to reduce its carbon emissions and take part in restoring the environment.  According to CEO McMillan, the company has plans to protect, manage, and restore 1 million square miles of Ocean together with 50 million acres of land by 2030.  These efforts are in line with a renewed dedication to achieving zero-waste. The company plans to integrate this strategy for its stores in the United States, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom come 2025.

A recent report revealed that most of Walmart’s contribution to climate regulation happens outside its stores by consumers.  Because of this, Walmart plans to restructure its entire supply chain into an environment-friendly approach. Walmart’s Chief Sustainability Officer Kathleen McLaughlin states that this involves taking control of supply chains from manufacturers through suppliers on to the consumer and its disposal after purchase.

According to the strategy, Walmart plans to integrate 100% dependence on solar and wind power for its stores and warehouses by 2035. Its report also plans to integrate additional green technology ventures as it works to wean its operations off carbon-based fuels. The company’s current energy reports show that renewables account for 29% of its energy sources. Company officials expect that the figure is a long way from their desired milestone but except that it is a work in progress.

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