Hillsboro Farm to use Solar Panels’ Renewable Energy Going Forward


When it comes to Highland County, Solar energy Projects are the order of the day. Some are even large enough to grab attention both locally and internationally, especially over the last few years. The exciting part is that people from all walks of life are interested in solar energy when it comes to his area. A good example is Rich Rhoads. His family owns a ranch in Hillsboro’s eastern side on State Route 124, and it has been in existence for the last three decades. Based on research and the analysis of the highs and lows of installing solar panels, the family chose to use it as a source of power for the property.

The transition to solar energy has been a trend. Statistics show that 10 percent, a tenth of renewable power generation was from solar photovoltaic generation. Equally important, over half of the number was from small-scale users. Additionally, most customers settled for rooftop solar panels, including the Rhoads family. He is hopeful that in addition to saving money, the solar installation will also preserve the environment. The family decided to switch to solar after deliberating on the same for some months. Interestingly, Rhoads had been reading about it for several years. Due to being far from a high-voltage power line, many were times when they were told that it would be hard for a large solar grid connection. However, that did not stop their quench for solar energy. Instead, they asked for alternatives from the power company.

With the discouragement from fossil fuels, they had about two options, namely solar and wind. However, out of the experience of another farmer who had gone the wind energy way, solar was the best option. Wind does better in northern Ohio due to proximity to Lake Erie and not Highland County. According to Rhoads, it has been a journey that had many setbacks. Despite his interest in solar energy, no one around him had an idea of what he was saying. Not even the local electricians had the knowledge that he sought. It made it hard for him to know how many panels were enough.

However, his breakthrough eventually came through his brother. He found out a company that sets up solar panels for farms and properties that are residential. The company also offers after-sale services, whereby it monitors the panels to ensure that they are producing adequate energy at all times. With the cost of electricity increasing by up to eight percent annually, one will be paying hefty bills within no time. That’s why people need to consider solar energy said, Rhoads. Consequently, people get to save money and no emissions which can pollute the air. He is convinced that it benefits all the way going forward.

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