Conductive Textiles Market 2020 In-Depth Analysis with Industry Size, Share, Growth, Latest Achievements, and Forecast till 2024


Conductive textiles are fabrics that can conduct electricity. Conductive fabrics or textiles are materials made by coating or blending with conductive metals including gold, carbon, titanium, nickel, silver and copper.  Conductivity is established within thin layers by impregnation of the textile with thiophene derivative monomer followed by oxidative polymerization thereby, maintaining the flexibility of the textiles. Individual filaments within a fabric or yarn are uniformly coated with conductive formulations.

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The global conductive textiles market includes fabrics of any composition and construction that could be coated and transformed into conductive textiles. Typical substrates include woven, non-woven, felts and knits of polyester, nylon, glass, quartz, spandex, polyolefins and aramids. Base-fabric materials include cotton, wool, polyester and nylon. These textiles are manufactured by inserting conductive additives or yarns or by using different conductive coatings. Conductive textile can be supplied as a cloth or as pressure-sensitive adhesive (PAS) tape, which has the ease of application to plastic housings in order to cover complex forms and shapes. Conductive textiles have low contact resistance and the tape version has superior adhesive force. The product shields electromagnetic interference (EMI) effectively.

The key drivers for the global market for conductive textiles is the increasing usage of such textiles in medical devices and wearable fitness. The conductive textiles market in Europe is expected to gain traction owing to the technological advancements and innovations in wearable technologies. Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the global conductive textiles market. This growth is mainly attributed to the high demand for conductive textiles from China, Japan, India and South Korea. Conductive textiles are used in medical applications such as patient monitoring. These textiles help in easy data and power transmission in the medical and healthcare sector thus, propelling the growth of the global conductive textiles market. Additionally, heated covers and textiles for monitoring the pulse are in increasing demand thereby, fueling the growth of the global market during the forecast period.

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The major companies operating in the global market are Parker Chomerics, Toray Industries, Inc., Laird PLC, Seiren Co., Ltd., Bekaert, Holland Shielding Systems B.V., Shieldex, 3M, Emei (HK) Electronics Ltd. and Metaline.

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